It has occurred to me that someone might come upon this page and wonder what the hell is going on here (though I'm fairly certain the only people that actually view this site are my sister and myself). I enjoy taking photographs. In this digital of ages, it is incredibly easy to take a plethora of pictures but invariably those files end up as bits sitting idly on a hard drive platter desperately waiting to be accessed. There are photo sharing websites, of which I do avail myself, but they serve a different purpose. As someone who enjoys taking pictures but lacks any formal training (aside from a Boy Scout merit bade years ago), I want to improve my work. I know that like all things, improvement will come with practice and self criticism. In this realm, practice comes from taking a massive amount of photos, which can easily be done. This website is a vessel for self criticism, since it requires me to go back over my pictures and find ones that I believe are worthy of being singled out. In theory, the pictures should get better over time.

As for the titles and captions, well let's face it, if you've gone through the effort of getting here, I thought I'd try to give you something more than a photograph, which may or may not be good. So I add some words, which also may or may not be good, and hope that by combining two things that have the potential of being good, the end product will at least be as good as either of its parts.

I began this as an every day exercise, which was quite exhausting and resulted in burnout around the middle of May. As I reboot this project, I will take a slower pace and try for Monday/Wednesday/Friday updates, stealing the concept from people I admire greatly, whom actually succeed in combining images and words into something worthy of viewing.