News and Notes

April 8,
Instagram has followed through with their threat of producing a public API for their wonderful service. I hope to check this out and perhaps add something of my own to the growing instagram appverse (patent pending), but until then it is worth checking out some of the amazing things already out there (thank you photojojo). One such service, instagrid, creates a public web gallery for instagram pictures. You can see my entire pic-a-day progress (up to 169 days as of this post) right here:

January 29:
It would appear that my 100th post has come and gone without fanfare. In fact I didn't notice it until post 101 or 102 and noticed that more digits had to be added in order to keep track of the posts. It is a nice milestone, especially since the next time a new digit is added, we'll be much closer to 2020 than 2010. I can come up with a good reason though, it's been over 100 posts since the original incarnation of this site, but that includes the earlier start and then burnout. So I can still celebrate 100 posts from the reboot, and we're only at 43 now, expect much, there will be cake.

My picture-a-day instagram project is still going strong, in fact yesterday was my 100th day, there was no cake. They've added hashtags to the app with rss support, so you can check in on my progress here:

October 25:
I'm rebooting this project after about a 5 month hiatus. I burnt myself out with daily updates, but I'm switching to a thrice-weekly system now. I've also added 2 pages to the site, in an attempt to provide a bit more information but also maintain the purity of the original site. There's this section, which will contain periodic updates if there's information worth disseminating, and the Why? section, which well, is exactly what it says it it.

In other photography-related news, I've been playing with instagram, if you have an iPhone and like sharing pictures, well you probably already know about it. I'm going to try what apparently is called "Project 365", where you take one picture a day for a year. My instagram username is zzdanieri.